Licence approved

A small local café in Freshwater, Shaka@Freshwater sought a five (5) year licence for 24.36sqm of outdoor dining on land known as Freshwater Reserve, adjacent to the café premises at 37 Moore Road Freshwater.

The five (5) year licence is for the existing outdoor area (12sqm) and an additional decked area of 12.36sqm on community land immediately adjacent to the restaurant.

The proposal did not authorise any overall increase in patron numbers and is subject to a licence fee payment.

The licence enables the applicant (Shaka@Freshwater) to operate its business on Council land, providing seating and other dining facilities to customers of the adjoining restaurant. Due to the impact COVID-19 has had on businesses, the applicant intends for the majority of patrons to dine outside when weather permits.

In accordance with Section 47A of the Local Government Act 1993, notice was given of our intention to licence the land formally known as Lot 17 Sec 1 DP 7022.

The proposal was exhibited between Wednesday 20 October and Sunday 21 November 2021 and received 43 submissions.

Feedback indicated the majority of respondents favoured the proposal noting it would enhance the ambience of the area which some feel is currently underutilised.

Most people felt that access to outdoor dining is in keeping with the character and atmosphere of Freshwater’s outdoor culture. The few respondents who did not support the outdoor dining licence raised public space misuse, potential risk of alcohol abuse and littering as concerns.

The licence has been approved and the outside deck has been built and now in use.

Exhibited outdoor dining licence proposal

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