Finalising concept plan

What's being planned?

The Paradise Beach wharf and pool are much loved by the locals and are due for renewal. Built in the 1940s , the current structure is at the end of its life and needs to be completely re-built. This presents an opportunity to improve and future proof a popular community amenity.

Due to its heritage listing, the footprint of the new wharf and pool will have similar proportions as the existing structure. This will help maintain its heritage aesthetic as well as minimise any impact to the threatened species of Posidonia seagrass in the vicinity.

We are also considering installing a beach shower and foot-level tap as part of the renewal.

What's happening next?

We are finalising the design required for the project to proceed, including reviewing accessibility. In line with feedback from the community we are investigating whether the groyne could be refreshed rather than a full reconstruction. A construction tender is expected to be issued during November - December and we hope to commence work on site after May 2024.

Construction is expected to take three months. Construction timing is subject to material lead times and weather conditions.

The pool will be closed during construction.

Engagement outcomes

Thank you to those who provided feedback during our community engagement on the proposed concept plan. We received 41 submissions during the exhibition period held between 1 May 2023 and 28 May 2023.

The feedback received indicated general support that the pool and wharf be renewed. Concerns were raised about disabled access to the pool, the reduction in the size of the groyne length and increasing the width of the wharf and groyne. A couple of responses indicated they did not want the wharf lifted in height.

The full engagement report is available to read.

Features of the proposal

  • Widened tidal steps, an external ladder and tie up location on the north side and widening of the wharf deck.
  • A new internal stainless steel ladder.
  • Raising the wharf deck and pool walls to keep them above water levels in higher tides.
  • Replacing the collapsing rocky groyne with a new sandstone block groyne topped with a sand coloured concrete slab. The groyne is proposed to be reduced 2-3m in length and increased to 2m in width.
  • Maintaining the heritage aspect of the wharf and pool by providing timber decking and timber materials on the upper portion of the structure including a timber waler along the top of the pool walls.
  • Long term durability of the structure will be achieved by using steel piles surrounded by black HDPE (high density polyethylene) sleeving. Timber fender piles will be used to maintain the heritage feel at the end of the wharf.
  • New shower and foot tap.

Concept designs

Proposed shower location

Submission form