Reviewing feedback

Project Background

We have received a number of safety concerns from local residents and Avalon Public School about street safety and its impact on children, parents, carers and local residents.

We proposed to amend parking restrictions and make other improvements to assist parking turnover and traffic flow around the school.

We have consulted with Avalon Public School leadership and P&C executive who support the proposed changes and now we are asking you to help us refine our proposal.

We asked you what you thought from Tue 5 March to Sun 14 April 2024.

Comments are now closed for this project.

We received over 60 responses from the community, which we are now reviewing. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.

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What is proposed?

List of proposed improvements

  • Replace the P2 Parking During School Hours signs with No Parking During School Hours signs on the northern part of the frontages of Avalon Public School. A No Parking restriction allows parents to park for up to 2-minutes to pick-up and drop-off provided the driver remains in or within 3m of the vehicle. This change will improve turnover of parking, traffic flow around the school and be more consistent with parking restrictions within school zones in other areas of the Northern Beaches.

  • Replace the P2 Parking During School Hours signs with 5-minute P5 Parking During School Hours signs on the southern part of the frontages of Avalon Public School. This will encompass 7 spaces on Old Barrenjoey Road and 5 spaces on Bellevue Avenue and will allow for parents who need to park and leave their vehicles during school pick-up/drop-off times to walk younger children to or from the school gate.

  • Install No Parking Motor Vehicles Excepted on the eastern side of Old Barrenjoey Road opposite the school to prevent boat and trailer parking and increase parking opportunities for longer term parking of motor vehicles.

  • Remove pedestrian holding rails on traffic islands on Old Barrenjoey Road and replace them with reflective chevron hazard warning signs to prevent collision with the traffic islands.

  • Move the obstructed No Stopping and Bus Zone signs on Bellevue Road slightly to the south for better visibility.

  • Install painted “LOOK” stencils on the footpath ramps at the entrance of Sanders Lane to assist pedestrians to cross safely.

Map of the proposed improvements

Slide across to see the existing versus proposed parking restrictions and signage for the area.