Lease approved and signed

In November 2017, Keolis Downer started operating the Keoride On Demand Transport service in the Northern Beaches, as part a two year pilot program led by the NSW Government. Since then, Keoride has successfully connected over 500,000 customers from a pick up point close to their homes to three B-Line stops at Mona Vale, Warriewood, and Narrabeen.

The NSW Government made Keoride a permanent transport service to complement bus services on the Northern Beaches from 31 October 2021.

To support this transport service for the area, we proposed to grant Keolis Downer (ABN 51 165 343 680) a new five (5) year lease of the small building in front of the Warriewood B-Line Car Park on Pittwater Road and access to 12 car spaces within the Council portion of the adjacent car park.

In accordance with Section 47 of the Local Government Act 1993, we gave public notice of our intention and received 24 submissions between 29 September 2021 and 28 October 2021.

The lease between Keolis Downer and Northern Beaches Council was approved and has now been signed by both parties.

The lease will enable Keolis Downer to run their on demand transport services and information centre from Warriewood, and securely store their vehicles on site. The lease is subject to the payment of a market lease fee.

Keolis Downer are currently undertaking some minor works to make the space workable for their administrative needs and are expected to be operating out of the building by mid-February 2022.

Consultation outcomes

Thank you to everyone who provided a submission during the public notification period.

The feedback collected during consultation indicated a high level of support for the proposed lease of the empty building at the Warriewood B-Line carpark. Respondents who were supportive of the proposal indicated that it provided a much-needed service for the community and additional security.

Respondents who were not supportive of the proposal felt that the loss of 12 car spaces would have a negative impact and take up valuable space for other transport commuters not using the Keoride service. These concerns have been addressed in the community engagement report.

View the lease plan

The lease plan below was presented during the public notification period. The land is formally known as Part Lot 1 DP 1250192 and Part Lot 2 in DP 1250192. Please note that the car parking spaces in Lot 1 DP 1250192 are not shown in the lease plan. The lease includes 12 spaces on the Ground Floor of the car park.

Lease plan

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