Consent granted

Under Section 138 and 139 of the Roads Act NSW 1993, we gave public notice of our intention to consider an application for occupation of structures within Council’s road reserve to the registered owner of 135 Seaforth Crescent, Seaforth for an area of approximately 15 square metres.

The purpose of the proposed Road Reserve Consent is for an elevated driveway as shown in the attached plan (area shown in red). The requirement for this application is a condition of approved Development Application (DA2022/0130) and the consent will formalise the ongoing occupation of the structure on Council land once erected.

The proposal was exhibited between Thursday 21 July and Wednesday 24 August 2022. We received four submissions. Thank you for your feedback.

Feedback indicated a desire for Council land to remain available to the public, however in certain instances, such as when a safe access is required to a property, Council grants a consent to the permanent use of a Council road reserve. The area at 135 Seaforth Crescent, Seaforth which requires a road reserve consent, is already used as an access driveway. The main difference is that the new proposed access driveway will be an elevated structure and as such it needs to be formalised by a road reserve consent.

This gives Council the necessary protection against any possible risks by requiring public liability insurance to be held by the applicant. It also provides Council with a monetary compensation in the form of an annual fee payment. Council reserves the right to terminate the consent at any time and for any reason.

You can view the outcomes of engagement in our Community engagement summary report.

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