Nominations are called for up to seven community members to be part of the new Public Art Working Group. The selection of members will be undertaken in accordance with Council’s Policy for Appointment of Community and Stakeholder representatives on Working Groups.

We invite nominations from community members who have:

  • experience, passion and enthusiasm for the opportunities and challenges associated with the delivery of public art;
  • the ability to appreciate a range of interests and factors impacting the matters under discussion;
  • a demonstrated commitment to participatory processes and a willingness to contribute positively to meetings in a fair and unbiased manner.

In selecting community members Council will seek to:

  • achieve a mix of skills, experience and expertise relevant to the purposes of the Public Art Working Group;
  • ensure a good representation of the Northern Beaches community; and
  • create a balanced forum for full discussion of relevant matters.

Selection criteria

  • Experience and expertise in arts and cultural activities, in particular public art and placemaking projects (both permanent and temporary), community art festivals, events and activations and cultural interpretation projects
  • Knowledge and experience with the arts community and/or arts and cultural networks within the Northern Beaches
  • An ability to constructively participate in an advisory capacity and exercise a range of views that reflect the diversity of the community
  • A capacity to commit to the Public Art Working Group for the required duration