Proposed Road Closure - parcels adjacent to North and South Steyne

4 months ago

Under Section 35 of the Roads Act 1993, Council has proposed the closure of several parcels of land adjacent to North and South Steyne and this proposal is under consideration by the Minister for Lands and Forestry.

Council (acting on behalf of the Minister) will receive submissions regarding the proposal and then refer them to the Minister’s delegate for a decision.

The land parcels under consideration are comprised of Council public road reserves:

South Steyne

North Steyne

Upon closure of the above-listed parcels, Council intends to transfer the land to the respective adjoining landowners.

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Regarding the provisions of the Government Information (Public Access) Act, information contained in such submissions may, at the discretion of Northern Beaches Council and NSW Department of Industry – Lands, be referred to the person(s) who initiated the proposal for appropriate consideration.

Submissions closed Monday 11 December 2017