Construction tender awarded

Works due to commence

At the October 2022 Council meeting, Rogers Construction Pty Ltd were awarded the construction tender. You can view the Council minutes here (Item 18.4 RFT2022/09 - Shelly Beach Public Amenities Renewal).

Works are due to commence in February 2023 and are anticipated to be complete by August 2023, weather permitting.

The works involve the demolition and rebuilding of new male and female toilets and showers, a family change room, and an accessible facility.

Temporary public toilets will be provided during the course of the works.

Engagement wrap-up

Upgrade on the horizon

Feedback received during engagement has helped us make some changes to the proposed design. These include:

  • shower cubicles in both men’s and women’s amenities
  • external showers
  • internal open change areas within men’s and women’s amenities
  • a family change room with shower, toilet and hand basin
  • additional bench seating
  • shared wash basin between the men's and women's amenities exit
  • reducing the roofline height and scale
  • change in roof materials to blend into natural environment
  • plantings on external walls to blend into natural environment
  • retaining all palm trees adjacent to the building.

A comparison of the original and revised concept is provided below.