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Development Application notification

This project has progressed to the Development Application stage.

The Development Application notification period for DA2020/1063 was from Friday 18 September to Friday 2 October 2020.

Consultation history

Building on the strong community support for increasing capacity of playing fields evident during the Sportsground Strategy engagement, we wanted to hear from the local Curl Curl residents, sporting clubs and the community more broadly to understand their views of the planned lighting, prior to the proposal going to Development Assessment phase.

The sportsground lighting proposal was open for comment from 6 March to 31 May 2020 during which time we received 839 comments on a variety of themes, predominantly the community benefits of having the fields available in the evening, increased sporting capacity, traffic and parking issues in the local streets, noise and light spill impacts.

As a result of the feedback, we have reduced the proposed hours of lighting as well as secured access to the parking spaces at Freshwater Senior Campus for use by the community.

Sportsground Lighting Plan for John Fisher Park

​Lighting Plan


The 2017 Northern Beaches Sportsground Strategy identified a shortage of sportsfields on the Northern Beaches. In the short term, this shortfall will be addressed by using existing sportsgrounds more efficiently and by increasing capacity by actions such as installing lights, improving drainage and reconfiguring the fields.

We are proposing to install light posts in six locations surrounding Frank Gray and Mike Pawley ovals Curl Curl to extend the hours of use for sports that use the fields such as soccer, cricket, AFL and hockey.

The lighting infrastructure is designed to Australian Standards which limits the amount of 'obtrusive' light, minimising the impact on surrounding properties whilst ensuring a safe level of lighting for sport.

Sports clubs will be charged for the use of the lighting system. The fees will be based on power usage and a contribution to maintenance based on the type of lighting infrastructure.

The lights will be able to be turned on and off remotely, from a mobile phone by the sports clubs (if they have an approved allocation).

Cameron Henery

Senior Asset Management Officer

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