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Exploring ways to help reduce plastic waste

We are looking at ways we can reduce the likelihood of cheap toys finding their way to landfill and promote sustainability.

We also want to support families by providing quality toys and equipment to meet their children’s changing developmental needs.

We are seeking to complement existing programs on the Northern Beaches and meet environmental and community needs.

This is not yet an official Council project, but we were keen to understand what you think we should be considering if we were to look into this further.

We encouraged you to share your ideas in the ideas board below. Thank you to everyone who contributed. The project team is now reviewing feedback.

Ideas board closed on Sunday 23 January 2022.

The story so far

Click on the expandable boxes below to learn more about some of the existing toy library and recycling programs in your local area.

The Cubby House Toy Library is located at the rear of the Forestville Senior Citizens’ Centre and is a program of EarlyEd.

Cubby House Toy Library offers a wide range of quality toys, games, books, and gross motor equipment, selected to support all areas of child development. All are available for loan for a small annual subscription. The toys meet the needs of all children of all abilities. The service is supported by volunteers, but also provides families with access to advice from educators and allied health professionals. It has been a mainstay on the Northern Beaches since 1980 and long-supported by the community.

Volunteers at Peninsula Seniors Toy Recyclers at Ingleside accept toys in good condition and restore them to as new as possible.

The upcycled toys are donated to children in need here and overseas.

The team has been keeping toys out of landfill for many years and partners with a number of charities.

For those wanting to make a toy donation, there is a drop off point at Kimbriki.

Toys for Joy has recently launched a toy recycling program at BIG W at Warringah Mall.

Run by TerraCycle, the program recycles unwanted toys to help create new play equipment in communities that need it most.

In previous years, Council has run children’s clothing and toy swap events.

Ideas board

What’s missing from the story? What else could we be doing on the Northern Beaches? We asked you to tell us what you think below.

We provided a few tips to get you started:

- What other existing programs or initiatives are you aware of?

- What role could Council play in supporting a toy library concept?

- What role could Council play in supporting toy recycling?

- What other role could Council play?

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