Why do we need an Urban Tree Canopy Plan?

Our trees are integral to the Northern Beaches' character, heritage and natural beauty.  The Urban Tree Canopy Plan will help us better manage our trees to ensure that we protect them and keep them healthy.

Why do I need to be involved?

We all need to work together to protect our trees and Council wants your thoughts and ideas regarding the Urban Tree Canopy Plan.

Why are trees important?

There are a range of environmental, economic and social benefits to our community in maintaining a high canopy coverage, for example trees:

Mitigates air pollution by filtering particulate matter out of the atmosphere

Provides shade and cooling of the environment

Reconnects people with nature

Improves mental health

Mitigates noise

Does the Urban Tree Canopy Plan apply to trees on private property?

Yes the plan applies to public trees which are located on Council owned land such as  open spaces, parks, sporting fields that are managed by Council, and to private trees that are located on privately owned properties.

Why do we need to improve diversity within the Urban Tree Canopy?

Diverse tree canopies are more robust to threats that may exist for certain tree species.  For example, if a predator or disease strikes the trees not all will be harmed if there is a diverse range of species present.  Additionally, diversity of trees and other plants results in a mixture of food sources for birds and animals which will also protect habitat and promote healthy ecosystems, particularly across wildlife corridors.

How will Council manage the removal of trees due to private developments? and where will any new trees be planted?

Specific tree replacement compensatory programs and guidelines  will be developed to remediate the removal of trees in relation to both internal Council and external projects. As a minimum two trees will be planted to replace any mature tree removals.

How did the former Councils manage trees?