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Draft Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) on exhibition

On 17 September 2019, Council received:

  • an offer to enter into a Voluntary Planning Agreement and
  • a draft Voluntary Planning Agreement document (the “draft VPA”).

The draft VPA relates to a Development Application (DA2018/1335) that seeks approval for the consolidation and resubdivision of two lots at 31 Bellara Avenue and 66 Powderworks Road, North Narrabeen. The Development Application is the subject of Land and Environment Court proceedings.

The draft VPA seeks to construct a formalised three-point turn bay at 31 Bellara Avenue and dedicate the land containing this turn bay to Council.

At a meeting on 25 February 2020, Council resolved to publicly exhibit the draft Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) and Explanatory Note.

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