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On 3 May 2019, Council received an offer to enter into a Voluntary Planning Agreement (the ‘VPA offer’) at 723, 725 and 727 Warringah Road, Forestville.

The VPA offer proposes to dedicate 153m2 of land to Council free of charge. This land, in the front of the proposed development site on Warringah Road, is intended to form a new section of public road reserve and will contain a 3 metre wide shared path with landscaping, a driveway and a pedestrian island.

Council resolved to publicly exhibit the draft VPA and Explanatory Note at a meeting on 27 October 2020.

Why is Council considering the VPA?

A Development Application (DA) was lodged in 2018 to build a childcare centre on the site of 723, 725 and 727 Warringah Road Forestville. Refer DA2018/0697.

To safely access the childcare centre, the DA proposed to construct a lane within the public road reserve to slow cars entering the childcare centre. This would require the relocation of the existing footpath onto private land.

During the assessment of the DA, Council’s Traffic Engineer identified that a land dedication was required to accommodate the 'deceleration' lane and maintain an appropriate Council road reservation.

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