Background information

about 6 years ago

There have been a number of previous studies which confirmed that the main indoor pool is structurally sound. However after 30 years of operations Council needs to ensure the sites’s facilities are commercially sustainable and relevant for the future.

This study will determine a long-term development strategy for improvements at the Warringah Aquatic Centre site, both aquatic and non-aquatic, that are financially sustainable and best meet current and future community needs.

At this early stage of the project the consultants are undertaking background research and preliminary consultation. Council welcomes your participation in this project and there are a number of ways to be involved including the initial Online Forum.

A series of research projects and feasibility studies have been carried out in previous years and these can be accessed in the library. Following initial consultations and review of previous studies, a series of design options will be prepared in mid 2012, for further community input.

Consultation has concluded