Adopted by Council

Tuesday 28 June 2022

The draft Warriewood Valley Development Contributions Plan was on public exhibition from 29 April to 29 May.

As a result of consultation, several post-exhibition changes were made to the draft plan . The updated Contributions Plan was adopted by Council at its meeting of 28 June 2022. This plan came into force on 1 July 2022.

The Council Minutes, Council Report and Community Engagement Report can be found in the 'Links' section on this page.

Engagement history

The previous Warriewood Valley Development Contributions Plan Amendment 16, Revision 3, 2018 (the ‘Contributions Plan 2018’) was adopted by Council on 28 August 2018.

The Contributions Plan 2018 applies to the Warriewood Valley Release Area and is the funding mechanism for local infrastructure required to meet the needs of the current and future residents within Warriewood Valley.

A regular review of the plan is undertaken to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and best practice principles for managing development contributions.

A recent review of the Contributions Plan 2018 was undertaken and resulted in changes proposed in the Draft Warriewood Valley Development Contributions Plan Amendment 16, Revision 4 2022 (the Draft Plan 2022).

Key changes to the exhibited draft plan were:

  • Extending the plan to 30 June 2031
  • Updating income and expenditure assumptions which underpin the plan
  • Inclusion of secondary dwellings
  • Revised open space strategy
  • Review of infrastructure items including updated infrastructure costings and land valuations including future phasing/prioritisation
  • Change to an administrative provision to remove the ability to make a delayed or periodic payment
  • Typographical amendments

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