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The bushland and biodiversity of the Northern Beaches is highly valued by our community and requires significant effort to protect and manage it for future generations.

At its meeting on Tuesday 23 February, Council resolved to adopt the Bushland and Biodiversity Policy.

The Bushland and Biodiversity Policy was developed to ensure a consistent direction to the management of bushland and biodiversity across the Northern Beaches. It applies to all bushland, native vegetation and natural areas outside National Parks and focuses on:

  • strategic land use planning
  • the assessment of developments and activities
  • the management of bushland areas on public land
  • the management of invasive species.

The policy acknowledges the ongoing challenge of balancing development with environmental protection. It also seeks to foster a more integrated approach for Council and the community in the consideration of social issues such as bushfire risk, companion animals, and recreational access to bushland.

You may also like to read the Northern Beaches Bush Fire Management Policy.

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