Community Engagement Report

In response to a large number of community requests to improve the cycling connection and safety for all users over Manly Lagoon, we are proposing a 3m wide pedestrian and cycle bridge in Pittwater Road, Queenscliff over Manly Lagoon.

As part of this proposal, we will also include connections from the existing shared path leading to and from the bridge, as well as vegetation and low-level lighting.

This project is aligned with our Move – Northern Beaches Transport Strategy and will provide users with a wider path and greater accessibility for our community to walk and cycle. It would also result in both transport and recreational benefits for our community.

We exhibited these proposals between Tuesday 25 January and Friday 18 February 2022 to seek thoughts on each proposal. We received 285 comments which were reviewed and provided to support our grant application to the state government.

The feedback indicated a strong level of support for the proposed pedestrian and cycle bridge upgrade noting the much-needed safety benefits. Many of the comments reflected the current bridge is too narrow and poses pedestrian and cyclist conflict. The close proximity to traffic was also raised as a key concern noting the need for a pedestrian safety fence.

We anticipate construction will take place in the 2022/23 Financial Year.

Exhibited concept - pedestrian and cycle bridge upgrade

Comment form - 2022/23 Active Transport grant - Pittwater Road, Queenscliff

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