Proposal with DPIE for assessment


Council undertook a Preliminary Notification (non-statutory) of a Planning Proposal Application for:

  • 2 Nooal Street Newport (Lot 1 DP 540092)
  • 4 Nooal Street Newport (Lot 1 DP 315279)
  • 66 Bardo Road, Newport (Lot 2 DP 540092)

Council sought public comment on this proposal prior to an assessment of the application being reported to Council.

The application seeks to add an Additional Permitted Use to the sites under the Pittwater Local Environmental Plan 2014 to allow for a seniors living development.


At a meeting on 28 August 2018, Council resolved to note the advice received from the Northern Beaches Local Planning Panel and to submit the Planning Proposal to the Department of Planning and Environment for a Gateway Determination as required by the Sydney North Planning Panel.

View Council Minutes (Item 11.4 p11) - 28 August 2018

The advice from the Northern Beaches Local Planning Panel will be considered by Council at its meeting

  • Tuesday 28 August from 6.30pm at Dee Why Council Chambers

Following the meeting, the Planning Proposal will be forwarded to the Department of Planning and Environment for a Gateway Determination.

View Council Report - Item 11.4

If you wish to view the Council meeting agenda or register to speak at the meeting on the item, please visit our website

The Sydney North Planning Panel considered a Rezoning Review at its meeting of the 2 May 2018. The Panel determined that the proposal should proceed with amendments to a Gateway Determination overturning Council’s decision to refuse the Planning Proposal.

View Sydney North Planning Panel Determination

Northern Beaches Local Planning Panel

Before the Planning Proposal can be lodged with the Department of Planning and Environment, it must be referred to the Northern Beaches Local Planning Panel for advice, in accordance with the Minister for Planning’s Local Planning Directions.

The Northern Beaches Local Planning Panel considered the proposal at its meeting on 1 August 2018. At that meeting the Panel provided the following advice:

The Northern Beaches Local Planning Panel supports the recommendations as detailed in the planning report by the Principal Planner and for the below reasons, that the Planning Proposal not proceed and the matter be referred to Council for their determination.


1. The proposal has not demonstrated strategic merit given the isolated nature of the site. It is inconsistent with the Pittwater Local Planning Strategy (2011).

2. The proposal fails to provide any public benefit of improvement

3. There is no physical contribution to local affordable housing proposed.

4. The proposal does not represent orderly and economic planning.

5. The site is adversely affected by flooding as shown in the Pittwater Overland Flow Mapping and Flood Study and is therefore an inappropriate site for any increased in housing density or development for aged and disabled persons.

6. It does not align with the goals and targets of the North District Plan (March 2018).

7. The lack of strategic direction in the proposed amplifies the likelihood of similar applications in this environmentally sensitive area.

For more detail view the Local Planning Panel page

At the meeting on 28 November, Council resolved that:

A.Council does not submit the Planning Proposal lodged for 2-4 Nooal Street and 66 Bardo Road, Newport for a Gateway Determination for the following reasons:

  • It is inconsistent with the Pittwater Local Planning Strategy (2011).
  • It does not have strategic merit or site specific merit when assessed in accordance with the NSW Planning & Environment’s Planning Proposal: A guide to preparing planning proposal (2016).
  • It does not align with the goals and targets of the Revised Draft North District Plan.
  • It is inconsistent with the following State Environmental Planning Policies;
i. Housing for Seniors or People with a Disability
ii.Coastal Protection
iii.Draft Coastal Management.
  • It is inconsistent with the following Local Planning Directions;

i. 2.1 – Environmental Protection Zones

ii. 4.3 – Flood Prone Land

iii.7.1 – Implementation of the Metropolitan Strategy

iv.Draft Coastal Management Local Planning Direction.

  • It is inconsistent with the objectives of the E4 Environmental Living zone in Pittwater LEP 2014.
  • It seeks to permit medium density residential development that is inconsistent with the established low density character of the area.
  • It would set an unacceptable precedent.

B.The proponent and interested parties who made a submission be advised of Council’s decision.

View Council Minutes (Item 10.8)

Following the Council resolution, the applicant has requested a rezoning review with the Sydney North Planning Panel.

At its upcoming meeting on 28 November 2017, Council will be considering an assessment report on this Planning Proposal.

View Council Report (Item 10.8)
View supporting documents in Attachment Booklet

If you wish to attend the Council meeting, it will be held

  • Tuesday 28 November, 6.30pm at Civic Centre, 725 Pittwater Road, Dee Why.

If you wish to register to speak on the report to be considered by Council, please complete

Request to speak at Council meeting form

Please ensure you register to speak no later than midday on the day of the meeting.

Please be aware that, in accordance with Council’s Code of Meeting Practice, a maximum of 2 speakers in support and 2 speakers in opposition to the recommendation in the report will be able to address the meeting. A limit of 3 minutes is permitted for any one speaker.

Any person may make a written submission to Council in relation to the draft Planning Proposal. If you intend to do so, you should make yourself aware of any obligation you might have in relation to Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure.

Please note that all submissions are public documents and are made available on request and on Council’s internet site (Planning and Development – Building & Renovations – Application Search - PP0003/17).

Comments received may also be reproduced in future Council reports.

View the supporting material:

Copies of the draft Planning Proposal and supporting material are also available from 16 September to 16 October 2017 at Council’s Customer Service Centres at 1 Park Street, Mona Vale, 725 Pittwater Road, Dee Why and 1 Belgrave Street, Manly during business hours

Make a submission:

  • Online
  • In writing to Chief Executive Officer, Northern Beaches Council, PO Box 882 Mona Vale, NSW, 1660 - clearly marked 'Planning Proposal PP0003/17'.

Submissions close Monday 16 October 2017