Traffic Management Plan endorsed by Traffic Committee.

Thank you to those who provided feedback on the revised Scotland Island Traffic Management Plan (TMP).

The TMP was presented to the Traffic Committee on Tuesday 2 July, 2019 and subsequently endorsed.

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Staff will now work towards a staged implementation of the Plan in consultation with RMS and NSW Police – Marine Area Command.

The funding implementation timeline will be adjusted following the recent Roads Maritime Services / Transport for NSW restructure. We will provide updates on our project page once details are confirmed.

Engagement activity December 2018 - June 2019


Life Cycle

  • Timeline item 1

    Dec '18 - Feb '19 - Public exhibition

    Draft Traffic Management Plan exhibited for community comment until 17 February 2019.

  • Timeline item 2

    Feb '19 - Review community feedback

    Community feedback will be considered for inclusion in the in the revised draft Traffic Management Plan. 

  • Timeline item 3

    Mar-May '19 - Amend draft Traffic Management Plan

    Amend the draft further to community feedback.

  • Timeline item 4

    Jun ' 19 - Community consultation on amended draft TMP

  • Timeline item 5

    Jul '19 - Traffic Committee / Implementation

    Seek Traffic Committee endorsement and commence implementation

  • Timeline item 6

    Jul '19 - Funding in place

  • Timeline item 7

    Aug/Dec '19 - Implement Plan

Key Dates

15 June 2019

Information session

Rural Fire Services Shed
Scotland Island

Phil Devon

Manager Transport Network, Northern Beaches Council

Phone: 1300 434 434

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