As part of our ongoing commitment to providing quality facilities for the community, we propose to build a new multi-use community centre on the existing site of the Nelson Heather Centre in Warriewood.

The project has been incorporated into the Warriewood Valley Development Contribution Plan Amendment 16, Revision 3 to cater for the increase in demand for new public facilities within the Warriewood Valley Release Area as existing facilities are already at capacity.

To best understand community needs for this facility we engaged with local residents, facility users and key stakeholders.

Feedback gained through stakeholder engagement was used to develop a concept plan that incorporated best-practice sustainability principles to create a modern, resilient building with multi-use spaces. The concept addressed the need for additional space and parking to accommodate the growing Warriewood Valley Community.

Concept plans for the facility were exhibited for comment in August/September 2020. A report noting community feedback and recommending the project proceeded to Development Application State was endorsed by Council in October 2020 - you can view the minutes here.

The Development Application DA2021/0199 was lodged on 29 March 2021 and approved by the Sydney North Planning Panel on 18 August 2021.

The tender process is expected to be complete in early 2023, and construction planned to commence May / June 2023.

Oct 2020: Engagement outcomes

The new Warriewood Valley Community Centre will incorporate best-practice sustainability principles to create a modern, resilient building with multi-use spaces, accommodating a growing Warriewood Valley Community.

Features on the new center will include:

  • five multi-purpose halls suited to a wide range of recreational activities
  • two multi-purpose meeting rooms
  • a community lounge room, providing a safe and accessible space
  • large covered outdoor spaces which overlook landscaped gardens
  • modern and accessible amenities, including showers
  • multiple and adaptable kitchen facilities.

  • We received 166 submissions as part of the consultation held between 28 August and 27 September 2020.

    The submissions were reviewed and the key issues raised include:

    • car parking
    • naming of the centre
    • pedestrian, footpath and cycle way network
    • landscaping
    • use (types / user groups)
    • road and traffic network.


    • Timeline item 1 - complete

      2018/2019: Preliminary stakeholder meetings

      Discussions held with key users.

    • Timeline item 2 - complete

      Mar 2019: Stage 1 consultation

      Conduct survey to determine needs for a future centre.

    • Timeline item 3 - complete

      Apr 2019: Information briefing

      Briefing on the survey outcomes and project update.

    • Timeline item 4 - complete

      May-Dec 2019: Architectural Tender Stage

      Expression of Interest and evaluation.

    • Timeline item 5 - complete

      Aug-Sep 2020: Stage 2 consultation

      Exhibition of draft concept plan.

    • Timeline item 6 - complete

      Late 2020: Council meeting to seek adoption

    • Timeline item 7 - complete

      Early 2021: Prepare and lodge Development Application

    • Timeline item 8 - complete

      Aug 2021 - DA approved

    • Timeline item 9 - active

      Dec-Mar 2023 - Call for tenders

    • Timeline item 10 - incomplete

      May-Jun 2023 - Construction anticipated to commence

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