New path opened

Before and after photos

Addiscombe Road, Manly Vale - before: Addiscombe Road, Manly Vale - after:

What we did

Pedestrian safety at Manly Vale has been improved by upgrading the existing unsealed shared path between Addiscombe Road and Campbell Parade.

The work included replacing the dirt path with concrete, which provides a safer and more accessible pedestrian and bicycle connection to Mackellar Girls Campus and surrounding area.

This project was delivered as part of the Federal Stimulus - School Infrastructure Program, with funding secured to support pedestrian improvements near local schools.

This project originally was commenced by Manly Council and postponed in 2019 as Council finalised the Voluntary Management Proposal (VMP) and sought approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Concreting the path was identified as an Immediate Management Action in the Interim Site Management Plan (ISMP) to help contain the contaminated soils and protect users.

The concept plan below (in related odcumets) also shows a potential future extension to Kenneth Road that may be completed as a second stage of work if there is budget.

The work was funded by the Federal Stimulus School Infrastructure Program, and is in line with our Move Northern Beaches Transport Strategy and the Northern Beaches Bike Plan.

The concept plan was open for comment between 27 May and 24 June 2021 and received 80 comments. The comments showed a high level of support for the upgrade, highlighting anticipated benefits for all path users. Some concerns were raised about the impact to the natural environment and these issues are addressed in the consultation summary within the report below.

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