Shared path complete

The new shared path project at Frenchs Forest was approved by the Local Traffic Committee.

Works will included:

  • a new 2.5 metre wide concrete path on the southern side of Aquatic and Fitzpatrick Avenue East (between Allambie Road and Wakehurst Parkway)
  • a safer road crossing treatment at Madison Way
  • reconfiguration of parking on Fitzpatrick Avenue East (from 90 degrees to parallel on both sides of the road for safety and access purposes).

The new connection now extends the shared path network within Frenchs Forest providing wider paths, safer crossings and greater accessibility for our community to walk and ride a bicycle. The path also provides an important connection to the Aquatic Centre and Arranounbai School.

The project was funded through the Federal Stimulus - School Infrastructure Program to develop safer pedestrian and bicycle routes along Fitzpatrick Avenue East and Aquatic Drive, Frenchs Forest.

The work is in line with our Move Northern Beaches Transport Strategy and the Northern Beaches Bike Plan.

Engagement history

The concept plan was open for comment between 27 May and 24 June 2021 and received 48 comments. The comments showed a high level of support for the upgrade, highlighting anticipated benefits for all path users. Some concerns were raised about the frequency of use that the shared path would attract and general safety around shared paths.

View the Community and Stakeholder Engagement Report below to see responses to concerns and a summary of the engagement.

Have a question?

To learn more about this project, please contact:

Name Kajal Todd, Transport Project Officer
Phone 1300 434 434 (during business hours)