Frequently Asked Questions

We have received a lot of feedback on the draft Avalon Place Plan since February. We thought it would be useful to clarify some information and provide responses to some of the questions that have arisen so far.

The cycleway design provides the local community, including people of all ages and abilities, a safe cycling route that links residential areas to Avalon Beach village and key destinations, including schools and the beach. Pedestrians will be able to move easily across the cycleway as the design does not include long cement barriers separating it from adjoining parking spaces.

The cycleway has not been designed for cycling at high speed. Road cyclists will continue to use Barrenjoey Road.

Redirecting recreational cyclists from the footpath, which is the route they currently use to access key destinations, to a dedicated cycling lane will be safer for all users.

No. The plan does not include long raised concrete barriers separating the cycleway from parking spaces.

A colourful pavement treatment will be used to distinguish the cycleway from the road and small bollards will delineate car parking areas from the cycleway area.

Yes it does.

Transport for NSW has previously approved similar cycleways in Victoria Parade, Manly, and in other areas of Sydney including Ramsgate Beach, Lillyfield and Zetland.

The APA requested we provide the community with their bike and pedestrian design for consideration as an alternative to Council’s preferred plan as detailed in the draft place plan. Community members are free to comment on both designs in their submission.

View the APA's plan - Alternative connections for the Avalon Beach Bike Path

No parking spaces will be lost as a consequence of the proposed cycleway.

However, there will be a net loss of 11 parking spaces as part of the draft Avalon Place Plan proposal. We would gain six spaces by relocating the bus stop along Old Barrenjoey and lose 17 as part of the redesign of the Avalon Parade and Old Barrenjoey Road intersection, which includes footpath widening.

We know our community loves trees and have redesigned the cycleway in a way that minimises vegetation removal.

As part of our design, we need to remove six trees in the centre of the Old Barrenjoey Road (south) and three trees along the western footpath edge. We will be planting new trees along the cycleway, Careel Creek and throughout the village.

We will not be removing any other mature trees from the village centre or Dunbar Park.