Our role in community safety

Community safety is a complex issue requiring a whole of community approach. We collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders to implement strategies to improve safety.

Experience shows that whilst people may worry about the most serious of crimes, it is actually the lower level neighbourhood issues such as noise, anti-social behaviour and rubbish that present as the most pressing issues. These are areas that Council can have an important role in achieving meaningful outcomes.

Local Government plays an essential role in community safety through its responsibility for the design and management of the public realm including:

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • waste management
  • provision of street lighting
  • public events management
  • local human and community recreational services
  • planning and regulatory functions (including Alcohol Free and Prohibited Zones and outdoor dining permits)


We're committed to providing a safe environment for our community with the development of the Northern Beaches Community Safety Plan.

This project aligns with Community and Belonging outcomes identified in Shape 2028 Northern Beaches Community Strategic Plan, to aspire to care for everyone in the community, making sure that people feel safe, supported, included and have diverse opportunities for a rich cultural and social life.

What to learn more?


  • Timeline item 1

    Community Safety Survey open

  • Timeline item 2

    Stakeholder interviews and research

  • Timeline item 3

    Review survey responses and stakeholder feedback

  • Timeline item 4

    Community Safety Plan development

  • Timeline item 5

    Council report to publicly exhibit

  • Timeline item 6

    Consider community feedback and amend draft

  • Timeline item 7

    Council report recommending adoption

Leanne Martin

Community Safety Coordinator

1300 434 434 or email