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Our creative community

We surveyed our community between 28 August and 20 September 2020 to better understand where our creatives live and work, what they do and the impact of COVID-19 since March 2020. We received a total 632 responses.

The feedback was added to the Northern Beaches Culture Map Live, which includes local cultural places and spaces, festivals and events, community cultural organisations, education and development resources, cultural and natural heritage assets and the local creative sector.

Mapping our cultural assets and resources, and recording what makes the Northern Beaches truly unique, will inform our future cultural planning and programming. It will help us gain a deeper understanding of cultural resources including how to build capacity and sustainability across the sector, and grow a resilient, creative community.


Our Arts and Creativity Strategy Connected Through Creativity 2029 recognises the fundamental importance of the arts and creativity to the Northern Beaches way of life and the wellbeing of its community. Participation in arts and cultural activities is increasingly recognised for its importance in mental health, belonging and community resilience.

Connected Through Creativity 2029 identifies a cultural mapping and needs analysis as a key action to build a deeper understanding of the local creative sector.

Cultural mapping is a planning tool that uses multiple data sources and community engagement to document a community’s cultural assets or resources. The process of mapping or auditing a community’s cultural resources often focuses on mapping two key areas:

  1. Resources - such as schools, libraries and community centres.
  2. Identity - for example, stories and collective memory that create a sense of identity.


  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Apr 2020: Cultural resources framework

    Develop a framework to map the categories of cultural resources.

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    May - Aug 2020: Cultural database

    Collect and review existing data including economic cultural data, organisations and businesses, community cultural organisations, places and spaces, local artists and creatives.

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Aug - Sep 2020: Creative Northern Beaches Survey

    Survey the local creative sector to complete the cultural database and understand impacts of COVID19.

  • Timeline item 4 - complete

    Nov 2020 – Oct 2021: Culture Map Live

    Develop and finalise the design, functionality and data for the Culture Map Live as an online map and community resource.

  • Timeline item 5 - complete

    ​Nov 2021 – 2022 Northern Beaches Culture Map Final Report

    Finalise the Northern Beaches Culture Mapping Project Research Report and Arts & Creativity Strategy Action Plan 2023 – 2026

  • Timeline item 6 - incomplete

    2022: Draft Northern Beaches Culture Mapping Project Research Report and Arts & Creativity Strategy Action Plan 2023 – 2026 shared with Council

    Tabled as a resource for evidence-based planning, programming and future decision-making.

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Banner image: Colin Fraser

Tile image: Henry Curchod, mural Avalon