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Earlier this year we listened to the community and paused works to revise the design of the Curl Curl to Freshwater connectivity project. We are confident these changes will lead to a better outcome for the whole community.

To showcase the issues raised over the last 18 months, we have captured them in a Community and stakeholder feedback summary and responses report, and we encourage you to read it and our responses to help understand the many concerns raised throughout the history of the project.

The revised design incorporates the feedback we heard and now we want you to have your say.

Book in for a face to face or telephone session with the project team to get detailed information on what is proposed. We will also be hosting resident block meetings in mid-November, through a letter box drop invite – so keep a look out for it.


Over the past 24 months three options were presented for consideration to improve the amenity of Oliver Street, Bennett Street and Park Street between Freshwater Village and Curl Curl Lagoon. The revised design has been developed based on community feedback, key stakeholder engagement, the outcomes of an independent Road Safety Audit, and approval at the Local Traffic Committee meeting (held 5 April 2022). The proposed works include:

  • On-road two way separated cycleway on the northern side of Bennett Street and eastern side of Oliver Street
  • 20km/h safe street environment on Park Street
  • Eight new and improved crossings for people walking and bike riding
  • One zebra crossing upgraded to a raised pedestrian crossing
  • Two new bus stop platforms that will be disability compliant and enable quicker boarding and alighting of bus passengers
  • More greenery, including garden beds
  • Safer walking routes to local primary schools with over 2,000 households able to walk continuously using marked crossings
  • Wider lanes compared to previous proposals plus additional width at the bend of Oliver Street and Bennett Street
  • More pavement space for children and families during pick-up and drop-off time outside Harbord Public School on Oliver Street, and
  • Wayfinding signage and line marking upgrades.

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Before & after images

User the sliders on the images below to compare the current streets with the proposed works.

Bennett Street & Park Street Intersection

Before: After:

Bennett Street Bus Stop

Before: After:

Oliver Street & Bennett Street Intersection

Before: After:

Oliver Street & Brighton Street Intersection

Before: After:

Harbord Public School

Before: After:

Oliver Street & Wyadra Avenue Intersection

Before: After:

Oliver Street & Wyuna Avenue Intersection

Before: After:

Oliver Street & Wyndora Avenue Intersection

Before: After:

St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School

Before: After:

Oliver Street & Village Car Park Driveway

Before: After:

Bike connections map

School walking map

The map below identifies residences that can walk to school safely. The proposed design means safer walking routes to local primary schools with over 2,000 households able to walk continuously using marked crossings. For many more households students will only need assistance crossing the street in front of their house.

Map showing areas they can walk to school

Parking adjustments and map

While parking is being retained on both sides of the street, some reduction in on-street parking is anticipated from the street upgrade to accommodate safety and design requirements. This includes providing wider buffers on either side of driveways to allow ease of access for residents to and from their properties, in response to feedback previously received from directly affected households.

We have closely studied parking impacts to ensure parking demand and supply is appropriately managed. There are 216 properties (including individual units) directly along the project route, comprising primarily of single dwelling houses with access to at least one off-street parking space, noting that the long-term parking of private vehicles is the responsibility of the property owner on private property. The latest Census data for Freshwater suggests that there would be approximately 339 private vehicles owned by these properties.

The table below outlines impacts to on-street parking spaces along the project route. View the parking adjustments map for more detail.

Table showing summary of adjustments to parking

*To accommodate wider travel lanes at the bend

To accommodate safer intersections and adequate sight lines near new pedestrian crossings, some parking may be reduced on side streets intersecting with Oliver Street, specifically, these include:

  • 2 spaces on Bennett Street
  • 4 spaces on Brighton Street
  • 2 spaces on Wyuna Avenue
  • 1 space on Wyndora Avenue
  • 1 space on Soldiers Avenue

Have your say

We invite you to view the plans and provide your feedback by:

Please include 'Curl Curl-Freshwater Connectivity and Streetscape Upgrade' in the subject line of all email or written feedback.

All comments in their entirety are made publicly available in the Community Engagement Report. Personal identifying information, and content which is discriminatory, hateful or which may defame, offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate will be redacted.