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New options proposed - separated cycleway

We recently asked you for your comments on a proposed new shared path from Curl Curl to Freshwater Village.

Thank you to those who provided comments. We received 317 responses which strongly reflected community support for improving walking and cycling connections along the proposed route.

During the consultation, some community members asked if we could consider a separated cycleway along this route. A separated cycleway would also address any potential conflicts between walkers and people riding bicycles, particularly those travelling at higher speeds.

Based on this, we decided to explore the idea of a separated cycleway further and would like your feedback before we make a final decision.

We have now prepared concept plans showing the two potential cycleway options on the eastern side of Oliver Street. These both aim to improve connectivity to Freshwater Village, St John the Baptist School and Church, Harbord Public School and surrounding business.

The original shared path proposal is also still being considered.

We have developed a comparison table (below) to help make these new options easier to compare. The table outlines the considerations, benefits and potential constraints of each option.

We invited comments proposed alternative options between 17 November and 15 December 2021. Comments on the proposals are now closed and we are reviewing feedback.

This project will be funded through the Federal Stimulus - School Infrastructure Program.

Options comparison table

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This project is in line with our Move Northern Beaches Transport Strategy and the Northern Beaches Bike Plan.