Reviewing feedback

At the Council meeting held 19 December 2023 Council resolved that the draft Plan of Management for Lot 2 DP 827733, 316 Hudson Parade, Clareville (the Site) be placed on public exhibition for a minimum of 42 days, with the outcome reported back to Council. View the Council meeting minutes here.

This draft Plan of Management (PoM) enables Council to grant a licence to the owner of the adjoining property at Lot 1, 316 Hudson Parade (Lot 1) to construct and use a boatshed and to use the access stairs to the boatshed on the Site.

For several decades, this Site has been a location for a boatshed and for stairs to access the boatshed by the owner of Lot 1. In 1993, the land was dedicated to Council by the then owner of Lot 1 and there has been a historical agreement to continue to allow access to the boatshed and stairs. Once adopted this PoM will enable Council to grant a new licence to the owner of Lot 1. The draft PoM also includes ensuring public access through the foreshore area within the Site.

Boundary map

map highlighting area in plan of management

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