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With a rich cultural landscape and sporting history, Ivanhoe Park is an important open space for the people of Manly and surrounding districts.

We have been working with our community as we plan for its future and want to thank everyone who has provided feedback on this project so far.

After two workshops with the Design Reference Group, a community survey, stakeholder meetings, site visits of all facilities and extended research, a draft Ivanhoe Park Landscape Masterplan has been developed to meet the above vision for the park.

The draft Masterplan proposes a range of improvements to increase safety and accessibility, provide better recreational facilities, and enhance the heritage values of the park.

A site-specific draft Ivanhoe Park Plan of Management (PoM) has also been created that sets out how this public land is intended to be used, managed, maintained and enhanced in the future.

Overarching both the draft Masterplan and Plan of Management is the Ivanhoe Park Conservation Management Plan (CMP) that will guide the ongoing care of the place and ensure the retention of its heritage significance.

Consultation history

We invited the community to scroll through the information on this page and provide a submission between 6 August and 19 September 2021.

The consultant reports are very large so we presented some graphics, maps, plans and a video 'flythrough' to give you a snapshot of the context and key proposals.

We also held an online information session on Thursday, 2 September 2021 to provide you with an opportunity to hear from the project team and ask questions.

Thank you to everyone who provided a submission. The project team is currently reviewing the feedback.

Submissions closed on Sunday 19 September 2021.

The draft Masterplan

While respecting the things that people love about Ivanhoe Park and its heritage significance, the draft Masterplan proposes a range of improvements that focus on:

  • enhancing the park’s overall appearance and presentation
  • improving connections between the sporting and garden precincts
  • creating safer and more accessible spaces for all park users
  • helping reconnect the park to Manly Town Centre, Wharf and adjoining open spaces
  • providing fit for purpose facilities that will better cater for current and future generations.

Detailed landscape design features

Flythrough of the proposed pavilion and grandstand area

One of the main proposals for Ivanhoe Park is the re-development of the Alan Roper Pavilion and Tony Miller Stand to provide equitable and fit for purpose sporting facilities.

Click on the video below to come along on a flythrough of the area.

You can also view more detail in the architectural designs.

Submission form now closed

Project and engagement history

In November 2020, we called for expressions of interest and formed the Ivanhoe Park Masterplan and Plan of Management Design Working Group. The group is made up of local residents (including a local youth), representatives of targeted stakeholder groups, Council staff and the appointed consultants on the project (including design, heritage and planning consultants).

During the first meeting on 27 November 2020, we introduced the project team, discussed the vision for the Masterplan and identified key aspirations and issues for Ivanhoe Park.

The group met for a second time on 17 March 2021 to discuss the outcomes of the community survey and discuss initial concepts and opportunities for the draft Ivanhoe Park Masterplan.

On 27 July 2021, Council staff updated the working group on the upcoming public exhibition of the draft Masterplan and Plan of Management. Further feedback was gathered, including about the upcoming consultation process.

We want to extend a big thank you to everyone in the group for the ongoing and collaborative effort and generous sharing of experiences and insights.

We reviewed feedback from the design working group and community survey and developed the draft documents for the project.

Initial advice was also sought from Crown Lands and their input was incorporated into the draft Plan of Management.

A report was presented at the meeting on Tuesday 25 May 2021 and the following recommendations were endorsed by Council.


  • Council notify the Minister of Planning, Industry and Environment – Crown Lands (Minister) that Council has prepared a draft Plan of Management over Crown Land, being Ivanhoe Park, Manly (Park) and seek permission to put it on public exhibition.
  • Council seek permission from the Minister to alter the categorisation of the land on which the scout hall is located to General Community Use.
  • Subject to receipt of the Minister’s written consent to publicly exhibit the draft Plan of Management and inclusion of any provisions required by the Minister in the draft Plan of Management, Council give public notice of the draft Plan of Management by placing it on public exhibition for a period of 42 days with the draft Plan of Management (Lot 7379 DP 1164856 and Lot 2502 DP1143032), Conservation Management Plan and Masterplan for Ivanhoe Park, Manly, and hold a public hearing on the proposed re-categorisation of scout hall land as General Community Use.
  • A report be provided to Council on the outcomes of the public exhibition of the draft Plan of Management and associated documents and the public hearing.

In June 2021 and as per the above Council resolution, the Minister of Planning, Industry and Environment provided consent for the draft Plan of Management to be publicly exhibited. We were also advised that a public hearing was not required.

View the Council minutes (Item 13.1)

View the full Council Report (Item 13.1) and Attachment Booklet 4.

We undertook a robust and wide-ranging initial consultation process focusing on individual and group values, perceptions, concerns and aspirations for Ivanhoe Park as well as specific requirements for existing users of the park.

Community feedback was gathered via an online survey on Your Say from 7 December 2020 to 17 January 2021. Stakeholder engagement took place between November and March 2021 via the Design Working Group (made up of representatives of stakeholder groups and community members) as well as targeted interviews and site inspections with key stakeholders.

Analysis of the survey and stakeholder feedback helped reaffirm what is special about the park and why it needs to be preserved. The park is most valued for its peaceful nature, vegetation, sporting facilities, heritage, open space and multiple passive and active recreation uses. We also identified a number of key issues including lack of connectivity, park identity, accessibility, pedestrian safety, passive surveillance and maintenance. We heard that improvements were needed to existing facilities to make them better fit-for-purpose, cater for current and future generations of park users and multi-use.

This feedback has been considered and informed the preparation of the planning documents for this project.

View the stage one community engagement report

To help us develop the Masterplan, Plan of Management and Conservation Management Plan for the whole of Ivanhoe Park (including Manly Oval), we asked the community about your relationship with the Park.

This includes how you use Ivanhoe Park, what you like about it and suggestions for improvements.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback via our online community survey between 7 December 2020 and 17 January 2021. 317 surveys were completed.

We also met with representatives of diverse user groups of Ivanhoe Park.

In developing the plans for Ivanhoe Park, we wanted to consider and balance the needs of all park users while ensuring we are respectful of the park's heritage.

In August 2017, Council adopted the Ivanhoe Park Botanic Garden Landscape Masterplan.

On 23 August 2019, Ivanhoe Park (including Manly Oval) cultural landscape was listed as a heritage item on the State Heritage Register.

Following this heritage listing, Council resolved to prepare a Masterplan, a Conservation Management Plan and a Plan of Management for the whole of Ivanhoe Park.

Ivanhoe Park is formed by two parts:

  • the area known as ‘Ivanhoe Park Botanic Gardens’ incorporating the Scout Hall, and
  • the sporting precinct incorporating Manly Oval. The Bowling Club and Tennis Club are also included but not directly managed by Council.

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