Lynne Czinner Park

New recreation space coming 2024

The new pedestrian bridge connecting the northern and southern side of Lynne Czinner Park is now in place, but will remain closed while the works to upgrade Lynne Czinner Park are undertaken.

The build is being fully funded by developer contributions and we anticipate opening this new recreation space for the community to enjoy in mid-2024, weather permitting.

See how the bridge and park will look once completed in the architectural images below.

Concept images

Works in progress

Repurpose. Reuse. Sustainable.

Project update: Feb 2024

We have adopted sustainable processes in the landscaping delivery at Lynne Czinner Park.

Approximately 1700 tonne of material was scheduled to be imported to the site. The intention was to remove the old soil to make room for the new soil. As part of this process, the material would have been taken to landfill or a recycling venue.

Instead, our project team worked out how to ameliorate (perfect) the soil, by using the heavy machinery (pictured) and added compost, fertilizers, and lime to change the pH and bring the 1700 tonne of material up to standard.

This process will improve the overall plant health, growth, and revegetation of the 7.5km of turf and 600m2 of garden beds that make up Lynne Czinner Park.

Our plans

Our plans for Lynne Czinner Park

In collaboration with the local community, we developed a landscape concept plan for Lynne Czinner Park, Warriewood. The plan will enhance opportunities for recreation and community activities, improve access and connectivity, while respecting the natural setting.

Key features include:

  • a shared path and pedestrian bridge connection across Fern Creek
  • picnic areas with BBQ facilities, shade, and water bottle filling stations
  • a fitness station
  • network of shared paths
  • open grassed areas
  • native plantings and landscaping
  • additional car parking on Dove Lane

A Plan of Management (PoM) for Lynne Czinner Park was also developed that sets out how the land is intended to be used, managed, maintained and enhanced in the future.

The site's significant recreational open space is divided by Fern Creek, a riparian zone and buffer area. The PoM outlines three land categories: Park, Natural Area (watercourse) and Natural Area (bushland).

The park was named in honour of Lynne Czinner, the late former Mayor of Pittwater Council and a strong environmental advocate.

The landscape concept plan and PoM were adopted by Council at the meeting on 22 March 2022.

Engagement outcomes

The draft Lynne Czinner Park landscape concept plan and PoM were publicly exhibited between 29 October and 12 December 2021. A public hearing about the land categorisation was held on 25 October 2021.

Thank you to everyone who provided a submission.

Feedback on the Lynne Czinner Park concept plan and Plan of Management during the public exhibition was overwhelmingly positive, with the majority of respondents supporting the plans.

There was specific support for the proposed paths, native plantings, fitness area and pump track. We heard that our proposal will be very welcome and appreciated by the community.

Concerns were expressed about potential increase to traffic and congestion, parking issues on local streets and additional noise.

The proposed pump track has been removed from the current detailed designs. Following working group consultation for this portion of the project, it was identified that there were insufficient funds to deliver on the needs of the community. The pump track will be revisited in future years, once additional funding is sourced.