Engagement history

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    Manly Town Hall has a rich history. It was remodelled several times in the early 20th Century, prior to the building you see now being constructed in 1937. The 'Stripped Classical' architectural style boasts four imposing pillars flanking the main entrance.

    While we can't (and wouldn't want to) impact the heritage features of this magnificent building, we do want you to help us uncover its potential for the future.

    How do you imagine Manly Town Hall could be used in the future?

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    Manly Town Hall was previously used by Manly Council as its main administration building, which included the Council Chambers. It has also been home to a range of community events and exhibitions over the years.

    It is currently used by Northern Beaches Council as a customer service centre and for office space.

    What ideas do you have that might help revitalize the space?

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    In the future we want to have a thriving hub that supports community including our residents and businesses as well as our visitors.

    What do you think could bring vibrancy to this space?

Imagining new uses

Reimagine. Revitalise. Activate

Manly Town Hall