Brinawa Street, Mona Vale

12 September 2023

We’re delivering a package of works to improve the walkability of the area surrounding Mona Vale Strategic Centre.

A new footpath will be constructed in Brinawa Street on the northern side connecting with the existing footpaths at Vineyard Street (W) and 58-68 Brinawa Street.

As part of this new footpath, Council is proposing to install a pedestrian crossing (raised continuous footpath) at the intersection with Vineyard St to improve pedestrian amenity and safety.

Timing of works

Works are scheduled to commence within the 2023/2024 financial year.

Local residents will soon receive letters to let them know that works are scheduled this year and will receive notification from the contractor at least 7 days prior to commencement of works.

Council will be working closely with the contractor to help minimise potential impacts to pedestrian and vehicle access during the works.

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Need more info?

We acknowledge the challenge of completing necessary work without causing disruptions, especially during inclement weather events. Updates on the footpath program will be communicated to the community via this page and mail-outs. For general information about the New Footpath Program:

Name Capital Works Manager
Phone 1300 434 434