Next steps for North Manly recreation area

Council sought expressions of interest to give the recreation space at North Manly a new lease on life in line with a shortlist of uses.

Incorporating the area previously operated as a bowling club, there is a great opportunity to provide and operate new recreational facilities for the community at the site.

A shortlist of five uses was established following an extensive Request For Proposed Uses (RFP) process, inviting organisations and sporting groups to put forward concept ideas for the site and canvas community need.

The shortlisted uses were:

  • Combined BMX, skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding facilities;
  • Tennis facilities;
  • Indoor basketball facilities;
  • Small sided soccer (synthetic) facilities; and
  • Gymnastics facilities.

The land will remain in public hands with a lease agreement applied for up to a 30 year term.

Expressions of interest closed 6 May 2021.


We are exploring the future use of the vacant community and recreational area located on the corner of Old Pittwater Road and Kentwell Road in North Manly.

Council aims to:

  • maximise community use of a currently unused site
  • bring a sporting facility to the community that will meet the needs of a growing population
  • stimulate social interaction
  • prioritise it’s resources in other areas by seeking private capital for the development and operation of the recreation facility/Site
  • foster partnerships with community and sporting groups to facilitate and promote healthy and active living – Goal 9 Community Strategic Plan 2028
  • develop and maintain strong relationships to deliver facilities and targeted services and programs to meet community needs - Goal 22 Community Strategic Plan 2028.