Stormwater improvements complete

June 2021

We are upgrading stormwater infrastructure in the Manly area to replace damaged infrastructure as well as improve the stormwater quality discharging to the environment at Manly Beach.

The North Steyne stormwater pipe and gross pollutant pipes were upgraded as part of that work with construction being completed in June 2021.

The Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) is designed to be more effective at collecting debris prior to the release of stormwater and will keep our oceans cleaner.

The new GPT has improved the visual and recreational amenity of Manly beachfront.

The pipe has been cut back to the wall and no longer visible on the sand.

View the video below to see what happened behind the scenes.

North Steyne stormwater upgrade video

How we managed the construction work

  • Demolition and removal of the existing concrete culvert and pollution net device which currently protrudes at the base of the seawall.
  • Installation of new underground concrete pits and stormwater pipework.
  • Installation of a new GPT located beneath the grassed reserve area.
  • New stainless steel exclusion bars to protect the stormwater opening.
  • Reinstating all paving and turf areas upon completion.

The work will require a section of the pedestrian walkway along the beachfront to be closed.

Accessible pedestrian diversions around the work site will be in place. Access to the playground will remain open.

Traffic management will be onsite to ensure safe access of trucks and machinery.

Noise generated is likely to be restricted to excavation equipment and plant use only. Dewatering during excavation

To allow access for construction vehicles, the accessible car spaces opposite the North Steyne playground will be temporarily relocated along the beachfront during the construction works.

Temporary notification will be available onsite.

Construction is due to commence in March 2021 with completion expected mid-2021.

Working hours will be 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

For all enquiries please contact Richard Parry, Project Manager on 1300 434 434.

Engagement history

Thank you to everyone who made a submission. People were generally supportive of this project.

We heard that the proposed new Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) and stormwater outlet upgrade were long awaited by the local community. Other comments reflected support while also providing suggestions relating to alternative treatment approaches, cleaning and maintenance of the GPT, and stormwater outlet upgrades in other locations on the Northern Beaches.

For further details, view the Community and Stakeholder Engagement Report.

The stormwater upgrade is expected to start at the beginning of 2021.

We are planning on upgrading existing stormwater infrastructure at North Steyne to improve the stormwater quality entering the ocean at Manly Beach.

Works will include the installation of a Stormwater Quality Improvement Device called Gross Pollutant Traps (GPT) near the outlet of the existing stormwater network. The proposed GPT will capture pollutants such as litter, sediments and oils from stormwater runoff before it has a chance to enter our ocean.

Two new stormwater pits will also be installed along Manly Promenade to divert water to the proposed GPT.

As part of the work, we will remove the current pipe outlet on the beach and replace it with a more efficient and less intrusive outlet hidden under the Manly Promenade.

The improvement to water quality in the area will benefit residents, beach goers and visitors alike for years to come.

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