Works completed

December 2022

We’ve completed the drainage upgrade

The drainage in Mona Vale has been upgraded to improve the capacity and efficiency of the stormwater network and traffic safety in local streets while at the same time enhancing public space.

The upgrades will:

  • Improve traffic safety by reducing overland flow across Pittwater Road between Keenan and Bungan Streets as well as at the roundabout at the junction of Park Street and Pittwater Road.
  • Significantly reduce the frequency of flooding at Park Street by optimising the use of the existing drainage system and providing a barrier against stormwater flows escaping the gutter.
  • Enhance public space on Park Street by providing a planter box with seating.

What did we do?

The works carried out in the upgrade included:

  • A new drainage system in Pittwater Road from Akuna Lane to the front of Mona Vale Anglican Church.
  • Planter boxes with seating and grated drain opposite Mona Vale Medical Centre.
  • Replacing the four angled parking spaces opposite Mona Vale Medical Centre with two parallel parking spaces.
  • New footpath between the new parallel parking spaces and planter box.
  • Minor kerb adjustments on Park Street.
  • Removal of one tree outside Mona Vale Anglican Church due to its proximity to the existing and proposed drainage system.
  • Planting of three new trees including two mid-range sized trees nearby and one large tree on the nature strip outside the Woolworths complex.

Did anything change during Construction?

Minor adjustments to the design were made during the Construction Phase which included:

  • Minor raising of the driveway to 18 – 20 Park Street was not undertaken as the updated survey levels revealed it wasn’t needed to achieve the design intent of the project.
  • The location of the two replacement trees near the Mona Vale Church were shifted slightly North-West to allow them more space to grow.

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Project history

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the proposed drainage improvements at Park Street, Mona Vale.

We exhibited the proposed upgrade plans between 18 November and 20 December 2020 and received nine submissions. These mainly related to parking and the inclusion of seating in the planter box design which helped us to refine and improve the design.

View the Community Engagement Report and presentation from October 2021.

Based on feedback received minor changes were made to the concept design in front of Mona Vale Medical Centre including:

  • extending the planter box and grated drain and providing an access way through the planter box
  • adding a grated drain from the new parallel parking spaces
  • kerb and driveway adjustments on Park Street
  • modification to the new drainage system on Pittwater Road.

Aerial view of the proposal

Pittwater Road section

Park Street section

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