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Project Update

We're reinstating a local playground in Fielding Reserve. The playground will be a small local playground leaving open space for other activities in the reserve.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback between 1 May and 28 May 2023. We received 55 comments. This feedback helped to shape the design.

We have taken on board that the majority of people who responded were supportive of the proposal to reinstate the local playground in Fielding Reserve. We also heard that swings, climbing, seats and junior play were most important to those who responded.

We understand that not all people who responded were supportive of the proposal and that the engagement offered a platform for people to express their concerns or share other ideas. These issues have been addressed in the Community Engagement Report.

We have now engaged a playground supplier to carry out construction, which will feature a small swing set, a carousel, bars for climbing and exercising and a seat. Check out the plan here.

We anticipate construction to commence late 2023 or early 2024 depending on contractor availability.

Engagement history

In 2022 Council adopted the Lets Play! Open Space and Outdoor Recreation Strategy. This strategy sets out key directions, priorities and actions outlining how we will manage our open spaces and outdoor recreational facilities over the next 15 years.

Following the analysis of playground distribution within the Northern Beaches, an action was included in the Strategy to reinstate the local playground in Fielding Reserve, Collaroy.

Local playgrounds are located in residential areas to provide a recreational play space for children and carers within a five minute walk. Typically, they're set within a grassed area and provide a limited amount of play equipment with mulch safety surfacing and some basic amenities.

Concept plan

Concept plan