The Strand, Dee Why was closed to vehicle traffic from Thursday 29 October to Monday 2 November 2020 as part of a Streets as Shared Spaces 'pop-up' initiative.

Following the pop-up, we obtained feedback from the community via over 650 completed surveys:

  • 88.8 percent of respondents enjoyed being able to use The Strand as a pedestrian-only area.
    • People rated the extended outdoor dining and the improved road safety as the best things about the event.
    • Some people commented on how the removal of cars improved views while reducing noise, visual and air pollution.
    • People indicated that the space was better connected, more relaxed and family-friendly, and overall had a better vibe.
  • The responses identified some areas of concern around congestion, road safety, parking and accessibility.
    • Some people expressed concern about parking access for people with less mobility.
    • The impact on Clyde Road was identified as a concern, especially as related to increased traffic and the re-routed bus service.
  • 80 percent of the respondents said they would support a longer-term closure and over 65 percent said they would support a permanent road closure on the Strand.

We also surveyed and have been meeting individually with businesses to understand their current needs and ideas for shared spaces. The businesses have provided insights into the day to day functionality of the Strand and ideas about how the increased public space can benefit businesses.

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