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Thank you for your comments on Little Manly and Forty Baskets tidal pools. The feedback will be reviewed and considered in the final design.


As part of our Tidal Pool Renewal Project, we are replacing the pools at Little Manly and Forty Baskets beaches.

Due to the environmental impacts of using timber piles, we are proposing to use steel piles wrapped in black HDPE with white painted timber rails for both pools. This will maintain the heritage aesthetic, while requiring less maintenance, thereby prolonging the life of the tidal pools and minimising disturbance to the sea-bed. The pools will be enclosed with netting, instead of shark bars.

By using a more durable material, we will be reducing the risk of disturbing marine vegetation, causing turbidity and sedimentation as well as potential impacts to protected and endangered species such as sea horses, sea dragons, pipe fish, pipe horses, ghost pipefish and sea moths.

The Tidal Pool Renewal Project work will be carried out under strict environmental controls and in accordance with the conditions set by the State Agencies.

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