Revised designs

Wharf upgrades on the horizon

Following engagement undertaken late last year, we have refined the wharf designs and made changes to both concept plans. Detailed changes are identified in the table below and can be viewed in the revised concept plans.

We are now proceeding to Public Tender for the upgrades at Bell and Carols Wharf.

Based on revised projects costs the works at Carols Wharf may need to be staged, with delivery managed over future years.

View the revised concept plans here. Please note the staged works are identified as future works on the design drawings.

Bell WharfCarols Wharf
  • Reduced overall length by 20m to:
    • minimise the scale of the development
    • reduce the impact on Pittwater
    • increase the ferry pontoon’s resilience in rough weather.
  • Added handrails, ladders, life buoys, and solar bollard lighting.
  • Included ‘rough water moorings’ on the southern side of the wharf to double the proposed capacity.
  • Added piles to delineate the navigation channel of the ferry and the commuter boats.
  • Increased freeboard to provide greater resilience to rough weather.
  • Increased pontoon size to enable staged project delivery.
  • Added handrails, ladders, life buoys, and solar bollard lighting.
  • Increased freeboard to provide greater resilience to rough weather.
  • Added piles to delineate the navigation channel of the ferry and the commuter boats.

Engagement outcomes

The draft concept designs were exhibited through September and October 2019.

We received 43 comments on the proposed designs for Bell and Carols Wharf.

The feedback has been reviewed and areas of interest and concern identified. These have been summarised below.


What we heard

Overall support

Many respondents were supportive of the concept overall, or parts of the concept generally.

Sentiment reflected, additional berths would provide much-needed tie-ups for residents and safer access to commuter boats, resulting in a reliable option for residents to return home.

Design elements

Some respondents raised concerns over pontoon design in relation to catering for rough weather and specific locality conditions.

Comments reflected that the extension of the ferry pontoon into Pittwater may increase its susceptibility in rough weather.

Other comments from ferry wharf users preferred the ferry be moved further offshore.


Some comments identified the scale of the proposed developments were not consistent with the area, and extended too far out into Pittwater.

Concern was also raised that the larger scale would impact the stability of the pontoons, particularly the ferry.


Some respondents raised concern for the potential noise increase generated from additional commuter boats.


Respondents requested adequate, non-invasive lighting for the pontoons.


Comments highlighted required maintenance, referencing the poor condition of other wharves in Pittwater

Project update (March 2020)

Thank you to those who provided feedback on our Wharf Upgrade project proposed for Bells and Carols Wharf, Scotland Island.

We reviewing the submissions and revising designs based on feedback received. We're working with our design team provide outcomes that deliver both community and project needs. We anticipate these plans will be available later in March.

We've revised our project timeline with construction expected to start in August 2020.

What is being proposed?

The Northern Beaches Council is jointly funding upgrades to Bells and Carols Wharf on Scotland Island as part of the state government’s $70 Million funding program NSW Boating Now. The scheme supports initiatives that enhance the boating experience in NSW, including the delivery of boating infrastructure across NSW waterways.

The wharf upgrades aim to increase the number of boating facilities at Bells and Carols wharf and repairing the existing structures.

Key features of the proposed upgrades include:

  • Additional 19 moorings at Bells Wharf and 33 at Carols Wharf.
  • Formalised tie-up facilities.
  • Improved access for commuters.
  • New ferry shelters at each wharf and a wider ferry boarding area.
  • New moorings are not tidal-dependant and are protected from the rough wave climate.

In consultation with key stakeholders and the community, draft concept plans were developed for Bells Wharf and Carols Wharf and placed on public exhibition for broader community comment in September and October 2019. Information sessions were also held.

Feedback is being collated and will inform the final designs.

View the artist impressions below