Brookvale was identified in the NSW Government’s Metropolitan Plan as part of the 'Brookvale-Dee Why Strategic Centre'.

The Plan identifies Brookvale as a place for:

  • long-term employment growth
  • mixed-use development including offices, retail, services and housing
  • improved walking and cycling connections, and
  • a bus rapid transit corridor

View the NSW Government Metropolitan Plan

Currently, a quarter of all jobs in Warringah (around 14,000 jobs) are located within the Brookvale employment precinct.

It includes the largest concentration of industrial land in northern Sydney (86ha), that support a diverse range of local jobs and services for people on the Northern Beaches (including car repairs, building supplies, light manufacturing and freight). It also contains Warringah Mall, which is currently undergoing expansion to provide retail facilities for a wide area, as well as range of community and education facilities (including TAFE Northern Beaches Campus).

The NSW Government is investigating a Bus Rapid Transit corridor for the Northern Beaches, which would run through the Brookvale precinct and could create new opportunities to revitalise the area.