Project status (as at 28 Aug 2019)

Over 100 submissions were received when the Draft Brookvale Structure Plan was publicly exhibited in 2017. A number of issues were raised, however the highest number of submissions related to concerns regarding traffic and transport, housing density and affordability.

Since that time, the Greater Sydney Commission finalised its Greater Sydney Region Plan in March 2018 and subsequently its North District Plan. These Plans include increased emphasis on protecting industrial land and providing for employment and housing, along with the requirement for all councils to review their Local Environmental Plans (LEPs).

As a result, Council has engaged consultants to prepare a transport plan for Brookvale, along with Northern Beaches housing and employment studies. These studies will assist in ensuring that we are considering all options for the future growth and development of Brookvale as a vital Strategic Centre for the region.

The Transport Study is well underway with traffic surveys and configuration of modelling almost complete. The study requires input from the State Government (Transport for NSW), including running scenarios through their Strategic Travel Model.

Preliminary findings from the housing and employment studies will also inform decisions regarding the future development of Brookvale.

By early 2020, Council expects that both the Transport and Employment Studies will be completed to a point where the review and re-drafting of the draft Brookvale Structure Plan will be able to proceed with a comprehensive evidence base.


  • Timeline item 1

    Community and stakeholder engagement (Mar 2016)

  • Timeline item 2

    Draft Brookvale Structure Plan prepared (Aug 2017)

  • Timeline item 3

    Draft plan on public exhibition (Sep 2017)

  • Timeline item 4

    Public exhibition close (Jan 2018)

  • Timeline item 5

    Community feedback analysis and review (Feb 2018)

  • Timeline item 6

    Draft plan reviewed re: North District Plan release

  • Timeline item 7

    Employment Study commences (Mar 2019)

  • Timeline item 8

    Traffic and Transport Study commences (May 2019)

  • Timeline item 9

    Draft plan reviewed upon completion of technical studies

  • Timeline item 10

    Revised draft plan placed on public exhibition

  • Timeline item 11

    Community feedback analysis and review

  • Timeline item 12

    Planning control amendments

  • Timeline item 13

    Final Brookvale Structure Plan implementation


In December 2010 Brookvale was identified in the NSW Government’s Metropolitan Plan for Sydney 2036 as a Strategic Centre and more recently the Greater Sydney Region Plan (March 2018) identifies Brookvale as part of the 'Brookvale/Dee Why Strategic Centre'.

The Plan identifies Brookvale as a place for:

  • long-term employment growth
  • mixed-use development including offices, retail, services and housing
  • improved walking and cycling connections, and
  • a bus rapid transit corridor

Brookvale includes the largest concentration of industrial land in northern Sydney (86ha), that support a diverse range of local jobs and services for people on the Northern Beaches (including car repairs, building supplies, light manufacturing and freight). It also contains Warringah Mall, which is currently undergoing expansion to provide retail facilities for a wide area, as well as range of community and education facilities (including TAFE Northern Beaches Campus).

The NSW Government is investigating a Bus Rapid Transit corridor for the Northern Beaches, which would run through the Brookvale precinct and could create new opportunities to revitalise the area.

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