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We are committed to improving opportunities for female participation in sports. In 2020 Council resolved to deliver female friendly change facilities at Pittwater Rugby Park, home of Warringah Rugby Club, The Rats.

The proposed alterations and additions will see the delivery of two new female friendly change rooms to supplement the existing two change rooms located within the grounds.

The new change rooms are designed to conform with Rugby AU National Facility Guidelines along with objectives and design principles for female friendly change facilities as set out by the NSW Office of Sport. The new facilities will include lockable shower and toilet cubicles to ensure dignified inclusion, along with accessible toilet and shower facilities.

Due to flood risk, the building will be raised. The building design also encourages natural ventilation across the change spaces along with energy and water-efficient solutions. The building location and use are consistent with Council’s Masterplan for North Narrabeen Reserve.

The new female-friendly change facilities will enable both male and female teams to be hosted on the same day. The Warringah Rugby Club hosts various events throughout the year which are often held concurrently at the grounds, including women’s rugby sevens competitions, gala days, Shute Shield, and women’s Jack Scott Cup matches. The inclusive design is set to enhance the experience for all participants.

The project is funded by Council and the NSW Government Office of Sport under the Female Friendly Community Sport Facilities and Lighting Upgrades Grant Program.

We have worked closely with key stakeholders, including Warringah Rugby Club, and would greatly value your feedback on these proposed plans. Your insights, suggestions, and questions are essential to us as we work towards creating a more inclusive and welcoming sports environment for all.

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