New amenities coming soon

Project update

As part of the implementation of the Little Manly Reserves Landscape Masterplan (2019), we have upgraded the playground facilities at Little Manly Point and the construction of the new amenities building is now underway.

The Project has been awarded to TCM Construction Group Pty Ltd to complete the project on behalf of Northern Beaches Council. The program of works is expected to be completed by early May 2024 (weather permitting).

The amenities building will be nestled into the bushland at the western end of the carpark and will complement the surrounding landscape. Existing plantings will provide screening from the road and neighbouring properties.

The design of the new amenities uses modern resilient materials and neutral colours to blend into the parks natural environment.

It will consist of an ambulant unisex toilet, accessible unisex toilet and unisex toilet with baby change facilities.

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  • Building design

  • What it will look like

New playground now open

We are pleased to advise the new playground is open for the community to enjoy. The upgraded playground offers an inclusive play experience with some discovery elements including a nature trail, a range of play activities suitable for different ages and abilities, new seating and access improvements, as well as new fencing around the rear boundary to improve safety.

Engagement Summary

Engagement summary

We sought feedback on the concept plans for the playground upgrade and new amenities building between 30 April 2021 and 30 May 2021. During the consultation period, we received 50 comments. We also organised onsite drop-in session so that you could chat with Council staff about the concept plans on Thursday 13 May and Saturday 22 May 2021.

The majority of respondents supported the concept plans for the playground upgrade and amenities building. There was support for the proposed nature play elements and positive comments about both plans being respectful of the surrounding bushland.

Respondents also provided a range of suggestions, including about how the facilities could be more inclusive and accessible.

Overall, we heard that the playground upgrade and proposed amenities building were most welcome, much needed and long overdue. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

View the full community engagement report here.

Concept Plans

Concept plans presented during the consultation



Little Manly Point Reserve is highly valued by many for its environmental, historical, social and scenic qualities. It caters to a diverse range of recreation activities such as picnicking, walking, fishing, children's play and more.

This project is based on actions from the Little Manly Reserves Landscape Masterplan, adopted in November 2019: 'Upgrade existing playground within existing footprint, with focus on nature-play activities' and 'Proposed public amenities'.

The proposed concept plan for the playground upgrade was developed with the help of a group of residents in Little Manly who started a community working group and have been liaising with Council about this project.

An arborist inspection has confirmed that two low significance trees may be removed to accommodate the toilet building. The two mature Fig Trees and a Paperbark will be retained and protected, with root surveys undertaken to avoid possible damage.