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Shaping the ongoing entrance management

Narrabeen Lagoon is one of the Northern Beaches’ greatest natural and recreational assets. However, it is also prone to flooding and Council has been managing its entrance to reduce the risk of flooding for close to half a century.

We have developed a Draft Narrabeen Lagoon Entrance Management Strategy to review current practices and processes and establish the most effective way to manage the Narrabeen Lagoon entrance.

We investigated all aspects of entrance management, including emergency response arrangements, clearance work improvements and long term entrance-specific options involving the installation of a more permanent structure.

The main recommendations from the draft strategy are that Council:

  • continue periodic large scale sand clearance operations
  • trial more frequent sand clearances but with smaller volumes at a time, in targeted areas
  • continue intermittent mechanical breakouts if the lagoon entrance closes between major clearances and in response to forecast high rain and swells
  • revegetate and maintain Birdwood Park dune to assist sand stabilisation
  • review mobile sand pumping (as an alternative to trucking) if lower cost pricing becomes available.

If you do not have time to read the full document, read the snapshot document or watch the explainer videos. Presented below are the different sections of the draft strategy.

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Draft Strategy snapshot

Click on the lower right corner to expand the view of the snapshot document.

Video explainers

We created some videos to help you navigate through the information. There is one tab with a video explainer of the current Narrabeen Lagoon entrance management and another tab with a video explainer of the main options investigated in the draft strategy.

Entrance management

Click on the video below to learn more about Narrabeen Lagoon entrance and how Council currently manages this complex issue.

We want to thank Louise Collier and Ian Turner who feature in the video.

The draft strategy

Click on the video below to learn more about the main options investigated in the draft strategy for future management of the lagoon entrance.

We want to thank Greg Britton, a Technical Director with Royal HaskoningDHV, who features in the video.

Delve into the detail

Or you can click on a tile below to read a section of the draft strategy that is of interest to you.
  • 1. Introduction

    Includes a summary of the initial stage of consultation conducted in Feb-Mar 2021 where we sought feedback on options to be investigated further.

    Read it here 
  • 7. Implementing the strategy

    Outlines the suggested prioritised implementation strategy and recommendations going forward for management of the Narrabeen Lagoon entrance.

    Read it here 
  • Appendices

    Includes the literature list, modelling and cost benefit analysis.

    Read it here 

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