Plan adopted by Council

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on this project.

The Northern Beaches Section 7.12 Contributions Plan 2021 was adopted at the Council Meeting held on Tuesday 15 June 2021.

View the Council minutes.

The adopted plan has been uploaded here.

Engagement history

The draft Northern Beaches Section 7.12 Contributions Plan 2021 was exhibited between 3 May and 31 May 2021 with 14 submissions received.

We reviewed submissions and prepared a report recommending that the exhibited draft plan be adopted subject to minor post-exhibition amendments. The proposed changes would see that the infrastructure schedule is consistent with changes to the exhibited Delivery Program 2021-2025.

The report was presented to Council at the meeting on 15 June 2021.

View the Council Report (Item 12.3) and Attachment Booklet 2 (Item 12.3) with the amended draft plan and responses to the issues raised in the submissions.

Funding public infrastructure

Development contributions are a levy on development to fund new or upgrade existing local infrastructure such as parks, roads and traffic treatments, footpaths and cycleways, community spaces (such as libraries and community and childcare facilities), stormwater and drainage improvements.

A Development Contributions Plan allows Council to collect money, works or land from developers to provide this public infrastructure. The draft plan describes where a contribution is required, what development it applies to, and how to calculate and pay the contribution.

The draft Northern Beaches Development Contributions Plan applies to all development within the Northern Beaches LGA with a proposed cost of more than $100,000, excluding Dee Why Town Centre and Warriewood Valley Release Area.

The plan ensures a consistent and transparent approach to collecting development contributions across the Northern Beaches and facilitates a broader range of infrastructure and services to be funded by development.

Key changes to the plan

Amendments are proposed to Section 7.12 of the Northern Beaches Development Contributions Plan 2019 to align with the current Delivery Program 2021-2025 and Operational Plan & Budget 2021-2022.

The amended plan includes:

  • an update to the Infrastructure Schedule with the timing sequence described as short term (1-4 years), medium term (5-7 years) and long term (8-10 years)
  • changes to the Infrastructure Schedule to include the partial funding for the construction of the Warriewood Valley community facility
  • changes to the terminology “internal fit out works” to ensure consistency with clause 25J of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
  • the removal of any reference to ‘Plan Administration’, and administrative changes associated with reference to Tables contained in within the plan.

You can also review a copy of the draft showing where specific changes have been made.

More information

Development type

Levy rate

Development that has a proposed cost of carrying out the development:

  • Up to and including $100,000


  • More than $100,000 and up to and including $200,000

0.5% of that cost

  • More than $200,000

1% of that cost

The total levy amount for any individual development is calculated by the applicable contribution rate (see Table 1. of draft Plan page 12) multiplied by the proposed cost of the development.

The cost of development is to be calculated in accordance with Section 25J of the EP&A Regulation 2000.

For example, a proposed residential development in Manly involves an addition to an existing detached dwelling with a cost of development of $175,000.

$175,000 x 0.5% = $875 (total levy payable)

As the construction cost exceeds $100,001 but is below $200,000, the levy is 0.5% of the cost of construction. If it was less than or equal to $100,000, no levy would be payable.

Delivery timeframes are based on S = short term (1-4 years), M = medium term (5-7 years), L= long term (8-10 years).

The decision to part fund the Warriewood Valley Community Centre in this work schedule was endorsed by Council in October 2020. View Council Agenda Item 13.2, page 161.

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