Construction underway

As part of the 2023/24 Capital Works Playground Renewal Program, we are renewing Trafalgar Park Playground in Newport.

Following on from our consultation with the community and our time with the Year 1 Students at Newport Public School, we have further developed the concept plan for the playground renewal at Trafalgar Park.

A major change has been incorporating a small circuit path around the playground to offer the additional play element of a toddler/junior bike and scooter track, and the inclusion of nature play space adjacent to the structured play equipment. View the revised concept plan below.

Construction commenced in April 2024 and will be completed by our Landscape team and playground contractors. Works should take approximately 3 months (pending weather).

The playground will be closed during this period. We thank the community for their cooperation during the upgrade works.

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Final design plans


As part of the 2023/24 Capital Works Playground Renewal Program, we are renewing Trafalgar Park Playground in Newport.

The playground is located amongst the established trees and open space of Trafalgar Park. The playground is well-used by school children from the neighbouring Newport Public School.

We are looking to replace the existing play equipment and upgrade the play areas with new surfacing, edging, retaining walls, seating and path connections. There will be some modification to the shape and size of play areas to cater for these improvements.


We visited Newport Public School and spoke to Year 1 students about the playground and the upcoming renewal project. We listened to a few ideas and answered questions to help with their learning project. As part of this session, we asked which style of senior play equipment (aimed at children aged 6 to 10 years) they preferred.

We then asked the same question to the wider community. The concept plan and example pieces were exhibited between Friday 25 August and Sunday 1 October 2023. We received 54 responses - thank you to all who provided feedback.

Feedback indicated a high level of support for the proposed playground renewal, with the community highlighting that aesthetics and the environment were important considerations of the design.

Regarding the six example play pieces, responses were fairly evenly spread across Options A, B, and F. These three options accounted for 73% of community responses. Option B was a clear favourite with the Newport students, receiving 56% of votes, followed by 24% for Option F.

More information, including all verbatim comments, can be found in the Community Engagement Report.

Senior play piece examples

Senior play pieces are generally suitable for children aged 6 to 10 years old.