Reviewing feedback

At the 28 March 2023 meeting, Council resolved to exhibit a proposal for a community garden at Annam Road Reserve, Bayview. View the minutes here.

Community gardening is a recreational activity that contributes to the health and well-being of our community as well as providing a range of environmental, social and educational benefits.

A group of residents have submitted an application to establish a community garden of approximately 450m². The garden group intends to:

  • grow organic produce (fruit and vegetables) and flowering plants
  • promote sustainable lifestyles
  • provide a neighbourhood meeting place and opportunities for social interaction
  • promote physical activity.

The draft Review of Environmental Factors (REF) indicates that any potential impacts are minor or negligible with the mitigation measures proposed.

Submissions have now closed, and we are reviewing all feedback received.

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Site map

Aerial photo showing red outline of area for propsed garden

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