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What's the latest?

We are continuing to shape the Mona Vale place plan with our partners, PWG and community.

We are currently working on the Draft Place Plan and revising it based on technical input including traffic and movement within and between the Mona Vale Strategic Centre.

We look forward to involving you on our findings in early 2024. The Draft will be on exhibition and we will invite the community to review the Draft and provide comments.

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Related information

The NSW Department of Planning have recently exhibited a Planning Proposal for 159-167 Darley Street West159-167 Darley Street West in Mona Vale which has now closed. Any enquiries regarding this proposal should be made directly to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.

Engagement background

Whilst we are working on the new Draft Place Plan for Mona Vale, our community's needs are at the centre of all we are planning for. Your involvement is helping us understand the community's aspirations and values for this important centre.

As defined by working with our Project Working Group (PWG), our Draft Place Plan aims to create enjoyable, vibrant, safe, inclusive, and sustainable places for people.

The Draft Place Plan will set a vision and path forward for the area which reflects community values and aspirations. It will identify opportunities for improvement in and around Mona Vale town centre over the next 10 years delivering on the priorities outlined in our existing planning studies and strategic documents.

Our first step was to form a PWG that provides a forum for sharing ideas and testing approaches. The PWG consists of 17 representatives, including a mix of resident and business associations, representative bodies, community members and other special interest groups.

To date, we have conducted three PWG meetings and one status update (minutes available in the Document Library), a community drop-in at Village Park and the survey that closed at the end of April 2022. A full report on the outcomes of all community engagement activities will be available with the Draft Place Plan when on exhibition.