It’s important the Northern Beaches community understand the changes coming to the way that we manage planning.

Between 2018 and 2021 Council is creating a new roadmap for managing the way the Northern Beaches evolves over the next 20 years and beyond.

We are working towards a single planning framework for the Northern Beaches to replace our current four Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) and four Development Control Plans (DCPs).

To accommodate our evolving community and manage future growth on the Beaches, we need to think about how our places are planned and built.

Our vision for the future is mapped out in Towards 2040, the Northern Beaches local strategic planning statement.


Our community is passionate about the Northern Beaches and we want any future development to be in keeping with our lifestyle, environment, local character and changing community needs.

We’re taking our four current Local Environmental Plans (LEP’s) and Development Control Plans (DCP’s) and working with our community and other stakeholders to create one new planning framework.

This is our opportunity to create a roadmap for managing the way our area evolves, in a consistent, sustainable and coordinated way, over the next 20 years and beyond.

Our new LEP, and the Development Control Plan that supports it, must be consistent with the themes and regional directions set by the Greater Sydney Commission in the North District Plan, and it must also respond to what our community told us when we developed our Community Strategic Plan.

We’re starting this process by creating a Local Strategic Planning Statement, called Towards 2040.

This new planning document will outline our future vision, set priorities, and include actions to achieve the priorities and planning principles; confirming our commitment to a sustainable future.

Good planning is all about looking ahead and ensuring we have the housing, infrastructure, services and environment to support our lives now, and for the future. Our aim is to do this while protecting and enriching the characteristics that make living here so special.

Introduction webinar and booklet