We are reviewing how we apply conservation zones in our current Local Environment Plans (LEPs) to create a consistent approach to their use in the new Northern Beaches LEP.

This review is the next step of Planning Our Sustainable Future and moving towards developing a single planning framework for the Northern Beaches, as required by the NSW government.

Conservation zones are applied to land with significant environmental values or where there are significant hazards such as bushfire. These changes may affect what you can and can't do on your property.

This review will help us establish which land areas are included in conservation zones and what development is permitted in these areas.

We understand this is a complex process, involving a number of technical studies, detailed maps and reports.

To help you explore and understand the process we have applied in developing this Conservation Zones Review, we've created a suite of tools including:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Webinars and online community meetings
  • Snapshots
  • Document libraries
  • Quick links
  • Online property search tool

And don't forget to watch the video - click on the red button above.

You can get also an understanding of what is in the review by reading the executive summary and for more information, read the full Conservation Zones Review.

What could it mean for you?

Use our online search tool to find out

This is the first stage in the conservation review process and to find out how this may or may not affect you.

Simply, click on the above blue button to go to our online search tool, enter and select your address, or click on the map, to see:

  1. The current and proposed zone, any criteria identified on the site and any thresholds such as the % cover (if relevant)
  2. The process undertaken (Zoning Methodology) and criteria used (Criteria Definitions)
  3. Any changes in permitted land uses (scroll down or select ‘Check changes’)
  4. A comparison of the current and proposed zones (select ‘Compare zones’)
  5. Recommendations for any zones that currently have more than one zone on site (select ‘Split zones’)
  6. Maps from the many Technical Studies also on exhibition (select any of the buttons for: Biodiversity, Hazards, Geotech and Waterways)

For the best experience use a larger screen, like a laptop or desktop (i.e. 1200 pixels).

See how the technical studies informed the review

Our Conservation Zones Review has been informed by a series of technical studies that identify areas with environmental value and significant environmental hazards.

You can find out more about each of the technical studies by clicking on the boxes below.

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