Moving toward new planning rules

We are committed to developing and implementing a planning framework that supports, not just our requirements, but the community’s values and aspirations for our area.

The way we plan for the area’s growth and regulate development is undertaken through local environmental plans (LEPs) and development controls plans (DCPs).

Until now, we have been managing planning controls in line with each of the former council areas' adopted LEPs and DCPs.

Development of a single LEP and DCP for the Northern Beaches has started and when complete will provide our community with a clearer, simpler and fairer set of planning rules. This will be mainly based on existing controls and does not seek to increase building heights or densities in residential areas, except as provided for by the Northern Beaches Local Housing Strategy, which identifies a need for only 275 additional dwellings within the next 15 years.

A Local Housing Strategy Community Snapshot has also been prepared to make it even easier for you to understand these changes.

To understand your thoughts on this future planning framework, we have developed the LEP/DCP Discussion Paper. The paper allows us to test our ideas before exhibiting a draft LEP and DCP in mid 2022.

The intent of the discussion paper is not to present all the answers, but rather offer you a chance to review and comment on some of the issues, challenges and initial proposals that we have identified so far.

Explore more below and join the discussion

Our LEP/DCP Discussion Paper explores the issues we need to address and discuss with you as well as proposals to protect the things you love.

The discussion paper identifies issues relating to four key themes from our Local Strategic Planning Statement, and proposes options and approaches to address them.

Each of these themes are equally important, however some are more detailed than others.

We want you to explore the discussion paper content and share your ideas. As it is lengthy and technical content, we have provided you with several options to navigate the different material:

  • Webinar (above) explains the discussion paper purpose and proposals.
  • Quick read - flip through our seven-page snapshot that summaries key content.
  • Browse by chapter - click on the tiles below to jump to the information that most interests you.
  • Full report - to learn in depth content.
  • FAQs - an overview of what's proposed. (Scroll down to view)
  • Conduct a property search - for property specific zoning and planning information.

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You are also welcome to read the full discussion plan by clicking on the button below.

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We haven’t presented all the answers; instead, we seek comment on the issues, proposals, and anything that may be missing. Share your feedback by:

  • completing the comment form below
  • emailing us at
  • writing to us at Northern Beaches Council, PO Box 82 Manly, NSW 1655.

  • Please include 'LEP/DCP Discussion Paper' in the subject title on emails and in the header of written letters.

    We have extended the comment period for this important project, providing an additional four weeks to comment on the paper.

    Comments now closing on Sunday 5 September 2021.

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